OHAUS Products

Balances & Scales

Explorer™ Semi-Micro
Flagship Balances from OHAUS
Explorer™ Analytical
Flagship Balances from OHAUS
Adventurer™ Analytical
Intuitive Balances Designed for a Variety of Needs
Explorer™ Precision
Flagship Balances from OHAUS
Explorer™ Precision High Capacity
Flagship Balances from OHAUS
Adventurer™ Precision
Intuitive Balance Designed for a Variety of Needs
Defender™ 6000 Washdown - i-D61XW
Advanced IP68/IP69k Washdown Bench Scale
Defender™ 6000 Washdown - i-D61PW
Advanced IP68/IP69k Washdown Bench Scale
Defender™ 6000 Hybrid - i-D61XW
Washdown Bench Scale for Standard Industrial Applications
Defender™ 6000 Washdown Base
Advanced IP68/IP69K Washdown Base
Defender™ 5000 Stainless Steel Base
Durable Bases for the Most Demanding of Industrial Applications
Defender™ 5000 Base
Durable Bases for the Most Demanding of Industrial Applications
Ranger™ Count 4000
Top-of-the-Line Counting Scales for Even the Toughest Industrial Weighing Conditions.
Ranger™ Count 3000
Reliable Counting Scales to Ensure Accurate Results
Catapult™ 1000
Economical Compact Shipping Scales.
ES Series
Multipurpose Low Profile Shipping Scale.
SD Series
Rugged Economical Shipping Scales.
Advanced Performance Stainless Steel Indicator with External Device Control Capabilities
Advanced IP68/IP69K Washdown Indicator
Advanced IP68/IP69K Washdown Indicator
VX Series
Economical Floor Scale for Basic Washdown Industrial Applications
VN Series
Economical Painted Steel Floor Scales for Basic Industrial Applications
Defender™ Drum Scales - DFD32M
Convenient Portability with Floor Scale Capacity
Scout™ SJX/E
Class II Legal-for-Trade Portable Balances Ideal for Jewelry Weighing
TAJ Carat Series
The Cost Effective Choice for Portable Jewelry Weighing Requiring High Accuracy.
YJ Carat Series
The High Quality Answer for Portable Precision Weighing.
Field Test
Accurate Weighing Even Under Adverse Conditions!
Triple Beam Pro™
Best-in-Class Mechanical Balance!
Triple Beam Balance - 700 Series
The Standard by Which All Other Mechanical Balances Are Measured.
Faster, Smarter, More Efficient Moisture Analysis
Simple Operation. Precise Results.
Outstanding Performance, Flexible Configuration and Reliable Results
Scout™ STX
High-Performance Portable Balances with Intuitive Touchscreens for High Accuracy and Productivity
Scout™ SPX
Portable Precision Balances Provide Consistently Accurate Measurements
Scout™ SKX
Portable Precision Balances Perfect for Classroom Use


Starter 5000 pH Bench
High Performance Benchtop pH Meter Ideal for Accurate Everyday Measurements in the Laboratory
An Advanced, Research-Grade Benchtop pH Meter Offering Accurate, Repeatable Results
Easy-to-Use and Accurate Multi-Parameter Benchtop Meter

Laboratory Equipment

Frontier™ 5000 Series Multi Pro
Powerful and Versatile Universal Centrifuges for Virtually Every Lab Application
Frontier™ 5000 Series Multi
Reliable and Compact Multi-Function Centrifuges Ideal for General Lab Applications
Frontier™ 5000 Series Micro
Dependable Benchtop Micro Centrifuges, Ideal for High-speed Lab Applications
Light Duty Orbital Shakers
Choose the Perfect Light Duty Orbital Shaker You Can Trust for Reliable Everyday Shaking
Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers
Eight Orbital Shakers Offering a Variety of Capacities and Flexibility to Maximize Sample Processing
Extreme Environment Shakers
High Performance Orbital Shaker Designed to Withstand Extreme Environments Up To 100% Humidity
Incubating Cooling Thermal Shakers
Industry Leading Thermal Shaker with Exceptional Heating/Cooling Performance with High Speed Shaking
Incubating Light Duty Orbital Shakers
Save Bench Space with Combined Incubating and Shaking Features
Incubating Cooling Orbital Shakers
Innovatively Designed Incubating Orbital Shaker to Heat, Cool and Shake Samples
Mini Vortex Mixers
Choose the Perfect Vortex Mixer From Four Durable Models for Everyday Mixing
Heavy-Duty Vortex Mixers
Increase Productivity with Continuous-Duty Vortexing of Multiple Samples
Microplate Vortex Mixers
The Ideal Solution for Dependable Vortex Mixing of Microplates
1 Block Dry Block Heaters
Versatile Block Heaters Designed for Everyday Use with Accessories for Every Application
2 Block Dry Block Heaters
Versatile Block Heaters Designed for Everyday Use with Accessories for Every Application
4 Block Dry Block Heaters
Versatile and Dependable Block Heaters Deliver Precise, Reliable Results
Achiever™ 5000
Reliable Overhead Stirrers with Excellent Performance for Everyday Use
Guardian™ 7000 Hotplates & Stirrers
Durable Digital Hotplate Stirrers with Superior Safety Features and Intelligent Performance
Guardian™ 5000 Hotplates & Stirrers
Reliable Digital Hotplate Stirrers with Exceptional Safety Features for Everyday Use
Guardian™ 3000 Hotplates & Stirrers
Affordable Digital Hotplate Stirrers Designed for Safety, Powerful Stirring and Rapid Heating
Multi-Position Stirrers
Synchronized and Uniform Mixing
Large Volume Stirrers
Powerful Motor and Magnet Mixes Samples Up To 200 L
HT Lysing Homogenizer
Provides Simple and Powerful Solutions for Rapid High-Throughput Grinding
Multi Purpose Clamps
A LabJaws Clamp for Every Application - Choose From Over 85 Options to Hold Everything In Your Lab
Rods, Frames & Supports
LabJaws Ensures Secure Support for Holding Your Labware and Apparatus with Over 130 Options
Homogenizers Accessories
Convenient, Ready-To-Use Lysing Bead Tubes for Bead Mill Homogenizers
Shaker Accessories
Largest Variety of Options to Accommodate any Shaking Application
Vortexer Accessories
Comprehensive Selection of Vortexer Accessories for a Wide Range of Applications


SF40A Impact Printer
OHAUS Value in a Full-Featured, Portable Printer.
STP103 Thermal Printer
Economical Palm-Sized Thermal Printer.